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Kakamega Forest, its reforestation is a vital part of our strategy to revive our environment. A few days ago, someone asked, “Why Kakamega Forest when Kisumu County needs trees too?”

Let me address this concern.

Kakamega Forest isn’t just a local treasure; it plays a role on a regional scale. It has a profound connection with Lake Victoria, Kenya’s largest freshwater body. When we witness the depletion of Kakamega Forest through deforestation, we must understand that the fate of Lake Victoria is intertwined with the survival of the forest.

Kakamega Forest is the lifeblood of Lake Victoria. It regulates the climate, filters water, and prevents soil erosion. As trees fall, the forest weakens, and Lake Victoria suffers. Water levels decrease, water quality diminishes, and the delicate ecosystem teeters on the brink.

Let us be clear.

Saving Kakamega Forest is tantamount to saving Lake Victoria. It ensures the livelihoods of countless communities who depend on the lake’s resources. It safeguards biodiversity, conserves water, and mitigates climate change.


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