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What is the capital city of Mozambique? Maputo. What is the capital city of Morocco? Rabat. What is the capital city of Tanzania? Well, back then it was Dar-Es-Salaam but now it is Dodoma. What is the capital city of South Africa? South Africa does not have one specific national capital. The government is divided into three branches, namely the legislative, executive, and judicial. Each branch is administered from a different city. Cape Town is the legislative center and seat of Parliament. The judicial branch of government is carried out in Bloemfontein. Pretoria is the seat of the executive branch.

This conversation took place during a fireside chat over the weekend. From this interaction, it became evident that one of the chatters lacked knowledge about the capital cities of African countries and was eager to learn, while the other had a detailed understanding of these details and more. When asked how he’d known all this. He launched into a monologue about the diplomatic affairs of Somalia and the disputed Somaliland, and the recognition of the latter as a country, sharing how he had enrolled in an elective course “Aktuelle Kriegsgeschehnisse” during his last year of high school, which covered the complex relationships between Russia, USA, and Osama, the deteriorating conditions of refugees in Greece, populist agendas, and the struggle of Europe to maintain its center amidst the surge of the far-right.

“The far right are at the gates of power in France,” he continued. “They are popularizing issues like climate change as a political battleground and persist in their denial of its impact, without considering that the global north contributes significantly to pollution compared to the global south.”

“Libya is currently offering voluntary repatriation to refugees and immigrants, and the UK is sending its safe refugees to Rwanda with an upkeep plan.” demonstrating his impressive grasp of global issues.

“But have you read Dipo Faloyin’s – Africa Is Not a Country?”

“Only a quarter of it, am a slow reader.”

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