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For centuries, the world has marveled at the elegance and mastery embodied by the katana, passed down through generations of samurai warriors. Its intricate craftsmanship and deadly precision have become legendary, a symbol of honor and strength. But hidden in the shadows, another power awaits discovery, a gift passed down to the veld community with the same reverence and potency […]


In the vast expanse of Nam Lolwe, an increasingly prevalent issue remains veiled beneath the shimmering surface — the plight of “sad fish” ensnared in the confines of fish cages. While fish farming has been touted as a solution to meet the soaring demand for food and economic empowerment, the repercussions on aquatic ecosystems, and particularly on the emotional well-being […]


I went to my grandfather’s graveyard, accidentally stepped on it and all the soil fell in. I was scared, so I didn’t tell anyone about it. Later, my late grandmother found a hole in my late grandfather’s grave, and she screamed, “We’ve been bewitched!” Where I come from, people believe in witchcraft and accuse others of practicing it. Also, being […]


Discovered For Who? The water body’s name was dependent on what side of its shores you stood before it became Lake Victoria. On its eastern shores, it was Nam Lolwe. The Luo called it “the endless lake”, for if you cast your eyes as far you could, there was never an end in sight. The lake was a place of […]

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