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One of the most exhilarating moments I have experienced this round was during a riveting class session with my students. I posed a challenging question to the class, but instead of a prompt response, a deafening silence filled the room.

A few students finally admitted that they did not know the answer, but I was not deterred. With a spark of inspiration, I challenged them to dig deeper and explore the possibilities. “Do you really not know the answer, or are you just a Google search away?” I asked with a glint in my eye. As I scanned the classroom, I could hear the sound of keyboards clacking as each student dove into their computer screens with renewed vigor.

Moments later, answers began pouring in from every corner of the room; Tesla, Space X, Starlink and my heart swelled with pride. It was a defining moment for me, witnessing my students take ownership of their learning and actively seeking answers to questions that initially stumped them.

I am excited to create many more moments like this in the future and to continue inspiring my students to reach beyond their limits!



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