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In the talk around climate change, a new light is emerging, e -waste management. Electronic waste, or e-waste, consists of devices powered by electricity, solar, or batteries that have reached the end of their life cycle. These gadgets often end up misplaced in our reducing, reusing, and recycling efforts. However, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to managing e-waste […]


The men who abuse women and other men are not monsters. Before you dismiss this statement, let me clarify. According to the Oxford dictionary, a monster is defined as a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature. The men who commit acts of abuse do not emerge from swamps at night to carry out their acts. They are ordinary men who […]


Yesternight, I had an incredibly deep and insightful conversation with friends about relationships, and their perspective on the topic really made me reflect and reconsider my own views. It started off by discussing the expectations we each hold for our partners in a relationship. When they turned the question to me, asking what I expected from a partner, I simply […]


Acts are the blossoms of thought, and joy and suffering are the fruits. This profound idea emphasizes the significance of our inner world in determining our outer experiences. When one maintains purity of thought, joy naturally follows, much like a shadow. This relationship between thought and experience underscores that man grows by natural law, not by artificial means. A noble […]


Behind every great woman stands another great woman. Women are gossiping, women are moody, women are judgmental. These stereotypes persist because they’re ingrained in societal narratives. Yet, there’s a deeper truth rarely discussed: the incredible power that emerges when women come together. Woman supporting each other, instead of competing, brings a unity and strength like no other. The collective power […]


For centuries, the world has marveled at the elegance and mastery embodied by the katana, passed down through generations of samurai warriors. Its intricate craftsmanship and deadly precision have become legendary, a symbol of honor and strength. But hidden in the shadows, another power awaits discovery, a gift passed down to the veld community with the same reverence and potency […]


MORTALS    METALS It is many years in time, on the podium, illuminated in the soft glow of artificial light, stands a figure unlike any other, a robot. In the audience sits fellow robots, cyborgs, and creatures either fully human nor wholly machine. As the metallic orator speaks, its words transcend the barriers of language, reaching deep into the sound […]


Nestled among nature’s most vibrant creations, the sunflower stands tall and proud, a beacon of warmth and positivity. With its golden petals reaching towards the sky, the sunflower captivates hearts and minds, symbolizing the essence of sunny days and the beauty that blossoms in the face of sunlight. As the name suggests, sunflowers have an intimate relationship with the sun. […]


In the vast expanse of Nam Lolwe, an increasingly prevalent issue remains veiled beneath the shimmering surface — the plight of “sad fish” ensnared in the confines of fish cages. While fish farming has been touted as a solution to meet the soaring demand for food and economic empowerment, the repercussions on aquatic ecosystems, and particularly on the emotional well-being […]


I went to my grandfather’s graveyard, accidentally stepped on it and all the soil fell in. I was scared, so I didn’t tell anyone about it. Later, my late grandmother found a hole in my late grandfather’s grave, and she screamed, “We’ve been bewitched!” Where I come from, people believe in witchcraft and accuse others of practicing it. Also, being […]

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