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Challenging the norms that society has etched in stone, when you are surrounded by people who clung to their rigid beliefs, fearing change like a dark abyss calls for one to be different, become open to learning new things and embracing the winds of change. My journey changed when I was gifted a book by a buddy. The book speaks […]


One of the most exhilarating moments I have experienced this round was during a riveting class session with my students. I posed a challenging question to the class, but instead of a prompt response, a deafening silence filled the room. A few students finally admitted that they did not know the answer, but I was not deterred. With a spark […]


Education and learning, in general, is changing. The classroom setting is far much limiting and in-efficacious for Gen Zs. It is always a norm in Universities, Colleges and other learning institutions for these Gen Zs  to consider the education system as a sham. This leads to them going to the biggest educational institution ever built in this era. YouTube. Millions […]

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