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Challenging the norms that society has etched in stone, when you are surrounded by people who clung to their rigid beliefs, fearing change like a dark abyss calls for one to be different, become open to learning new things and embracing the winds of change.

My journey changed when I was gifted a book by a buddy. The book speaks of the power of habit-forming processes that ignites the spark of transformation within oneself. It describes how habits, once cultivated, leads to a desire for change so strong that it propels actions towards the desired results.

With this newfound knowledge, I’ve set out to challenge my own preconceived notions and build habits that fosters my desire for growth and transformation. Starting small, I am dedicating a few minutes each day to learn something new – a new language (thanks to Duolingo), a new code, a new rhyme pattern, meditation, exercise, and discipline. I am opening myself up to new experiences, shedding the fear that has held me back for so long.

Through these habit-forming processes, I aim to shift my perspective, find joy in the act of learning, in embracing the unknown, and nurturing the hunger for change.

Und du, seek guidance on how you too could break free from the self-imposed limitations.

Be open to learning, embrace change, and form habits that fuel your growth. A genius is not born but educated and trained.


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