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In the heart of Njoro – Nakuru, during my early twenties, my days were a relentless dance between two vastly different worlds. By night, I toiled away in the frigid cold, slinging coffee mugs to weary souls seeking warmth and solace. And by day, I was a dedicated student at Egerton University, attending Biochemistry lectures that stretched my mental faculties to the limit. It was a life marked by hustle, and on the surface, it might have appeared as though I had it all under control.

However, beneath the façade of productivity, I was battling a relentless monkey mind. It refused to quiet down, filling my thoughts with incessant worries and doubts. Anxiety and insomnia had taken up residence within me, leaving me restless and exhausted. It was a tumultuous time, and the undercurrent of unhappiness ran deep.

The root cause of my dissatisfaction became evident – I had not yet learned the art of acceptance. I was constantly yearning for a different reality, trapped in a cycle of wishing for things to be different. I struggled to find peace in the present moment.

It took time for me to realize that my resistance and constant yearning were only intensifying my inner turmoil. The path to acceptance was, and still is, a challenging one. We, as humans, are wired to resist accepting ourselves if our lives don’t align with our ideal visions. We find it difficult to embrace the present if it falls short of our comfort zone.

I knew I needed to learn how to accept being in the present moment even when I don’t like the present moment.


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