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Everybody is putting up a show, it is hard to come by mentors. If you spot one, keep them close visualizing the images of Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi. Mentors share their knowledge, skills or experience to help another develop and grow. They help one gain new perspectives in life. Similarly mentorship helps mentors accelerate their  development. Mentee, having someone […]


Discovered For Who? The water body’s name was dependent on what side of its shores you stood before it became Lake Victoria. On its eastern shores, it was Nam Lolwe. The Luo called it “the endless lake”, for if you cast your eyes as far you could, there was never an end in sight. The lake was a place of […]


  Fungi are the oldest organism on planet Earth. Human beings are descendants of fungi. Fungi are remarkable beings that combat and support life. They can get you high, heal you, feed you and kill you. All fungi are edible, some fungi are only edible once. They aggressively fight competition, that’s how antibiotics works against disease causing microbes. The intensity […]


Education and learning, in general, is changing. The classroom setting is far much limiting and in-efficacious for Gen Zs. It is always a norm in Universities, Colleges and other learning institutions for these Gen Zs  to consider the education system as a sham. This leads to them going to the biggest educational institution ever built in this era. YouTube. Millions […]


Science is based on the principle, give us one free miracle and we will explain the rest. And, the one free miracle is the appearance of all that matters and energy that which can neither be created nor destroyed. Nothing philosophical. All these appearance bring with it laws that govern it from nothing in a single instant. But! For you. […]


You gotta take care of your here as you wish for there, prove to yourself that you handled here and now you qualify to be there. Because, look! The only difference between here and there is the letter “T” which in this instance stands for TIME. Time is what it takes to get your here there and in this time […]

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